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I have been helping small businesses and individuals get clients online since 2005.

I am here for you and to help answer any question you might have.

Here are some common questions people ask me all the time:

I am “not a computer person”

I hear that all the time. I cannot do what you do either. I will guide you with everything I set up for you. I will create tutorials if needed. But my job is to help with all your web needs while you focus on what you are passionate about. I speak your language and make sure you know what's going on each step of the way.

What if I wanna manage my own website!

You absolutely can! We can create your website on a platform that best fits your needs and to your best ability. I will guide you with one on one meetings and we will go through each task you will be doing. When you get stuck I will still be there for you.

I am feeling stuck after covid19 and need help with new ways to market myself

Schedule a free 30 min consultation with me to discuss various solutions that I have worked on with other clients and helped them with so far.

I need social media pages but I am not active on social media

I will set up your social media pages, link them to your online store or business website, and offer packages for monthly maintenance and posts for Facebook, Instagram. You can also request a Yelp Business page setup, Google listing setup and other specific pages for your industry.

How can I start my own blog?

You may have a hobby or a love to write about something you’re passionate about. I will help you find the perfect name for your blog, get you resources to get found online and help set up your blog.

I started building my website but I am now stuck!

Cool! I am a fan! And I think you are brave. I have met amazing small business owners who started building their own sites. Sometimes you may feel burnt out with running your own business, or just feel stuck. I can help you with that too. Let me take it from here and you can focus on growing your business with the other needs and aspects that only you know how to do. I offer a DIY package with reduced hourly rates to help you complete your project.

I am a volunteer at an organization that has a limited budget

I am your person! The first website that I have built was for a non-profit organization that helps children with down syndrome. That had stayed with me throughout my career. I believe in giving back to our community and being there for each other to make the world a better place. We can do that together and work with the budget that you have. When the projects is complete I will train a volunteer you may have who wishes to manage the website.

Have more questions?

I am here to help. Head over to my booking page and select a time that works for you to schedule your free 30 min consultation.

Call us for your business website consultation